Answers to Frequently Asked Property Owner  Questions

Q. How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
A. Every scenario is different. But once your property is ready to be advertised, a well-qualified tenant is found within about 2 weeks.

Q. How will you screen my tenant?
A. This is what’s unique about PropertySourced. We have a unique qualifying process that finds tenants who have demonstrated strong financial management to pay on time and care for your home. Our qualifying process includes but not limited to: Credit screening, job and income verification, criminal background search, eviction history report. 

Q. Can you please send me the tenants credit report?
A. The prospective tenant application is subject to your final approval.

Q. How soon will my new tenants be moving in?
A. Once again, every scenario is different. A well qualified tenant will usually need to give notice to their current landlord. Tenants usually move in within 2 to 4 weeks from approval. 

Q. How do you handle repairs?
A. PropertySourced is a full service property management company. We have a vetted list of vendors we work with. PropertySourced recommends using our vetted vendors, however, you as the owner have the final say and we are happy to work with your trusted vendors if you prefer.

Q. Can I do my own repairs?
A. Absolutely. This is your home. 

Q. My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
A. PropertySourced will guide you through every step of preparing your home for rent. 

Q. When do I get my rental proceeds?
A. All monies are transferred from the tenant to you the owner through our online portal immediately. PropertySourced never touches your money. 

Q. What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
A. PropertySourced will follow up on all late payments. Late fees are paid directly to you. 

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