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Get Immediate Answers to Frequently Asked Tenant Questions

  • Do you offer a discount for multiple units?
    Absolutely! Please reach out to Paul Lopez at 209-638-5870 or and we are happy to discuss.
  • Is there a contract minimum?
    After the first year, you will have the ability to change the contract from annual to month-to-month contract.
  • What are your fees?
    PropertySourced is proud to offer the lowest cost, highest value solutions in the industry. Each scenario is unique, so please call 209-638-5870 or inquire at for a custom quotation.
  • My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
    PropertySourced will guide you through every step of preparing your home for rent.
  • What are your general qualifications for applicants
    We screen EACH adult (18 yrs and older) who will be living in property with the following qualifications: Proof of Income: 1 month paystub, 2 yrs W2, 2 yrs Tax returns / P&L (if self employed), and SDI or Social Security Income letters (If receiving Social Security Income) Proof of Past Rental History for the last 12 months (property management company or bank statements) Minimum credit score: 650 Criminal background check Eviction History check Gross Household income - 3 times amount of rent No late payments for last 2 years No Unreconciled or outstanding collections Letter of explanation for any derogatory credit outside of 24 months Non applicants/ co-signers will not be considered
  • Describe the option for self showing lockbox?
    Once your property is move-in ready, a member of our staff will visit the property to take photos, perform a walkthrough, and install our lockbox or optional smart lockbox (Self Showing Lockbox). With the smart lockbox, interested parties will be able to select a 2 hour showing window to view the property on their own time. We will screen all parties by collecting their personal information, government issued ID, and run their email, phone number and IP address through a third party fraud detection tool before we consider granting them access to the self access showing.
  • How do you Market the Property?
    We advertise with full-service, high-quality marketing which includes professional photography, social media/online advertising, and open houses to get your home rented. We post your property to all major websites such as Zillow Network (Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, etc.) Zumper (Zumper, PadMapper, etc.) RentPatch (,, etc.) Boomtown Tenant Turner
  • How long does it take to find tenants?
    If the property is set at market value, it will generally take 2-3 weeks to find a qualified renter.
  • Can you please send me the tenants credit report?
    Yes, the prospective tenant application is subject to your final approval.
  • How soon will my new tenants be moving in?
    Every scenario is different. A well qualified tenant will usually need to give notice to their current landlord. Tenants usually move in within 2 to 4 weeks from approval.
  • How do you handle repairs?
    PropertySourced is a full service property management company. Once maintenance requests are submitted, our team will work to resolve the issue within 48-72 hours. We work with a list of vetted contractors and will send you recommendations, however, you are the ultimate decision maker. You (as the owner) have the final say and we are happy to work with your trusted vendors if you prefer. There are no extra charges for the coordination of maintenance repairs. Payment for the repairs completed will be coordinated directly with the vendor for full transparency.
  • Can I do my own repairs?
    Absolutely. This is your home.
  • When do I get my rental proceeds?
    All monies are transferred from the tenant to you the owner through our online portal immediately. PropertySourced never touches your money.
  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
    PropertySourced will follow up on all late payments. Late fees are paid directly to you.
  • What is your process for evictions?
    We will handle all eviction notices, however, the eviction process is to be handled by a lawyer. You can work with any lawyer, or we are happy to connect you to our vetted contact, as well. Please note that we are proud to have never had to evict any tenants that PropertySourced has selected due to our thorough and advanced screening process.
  • How can I terminate my lease agreement?
    Written notice is required to terminate the agreement.


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